Wall Tents

There are not many things in the great outdoors that can rival wall tents in comfort, practicality, and protection from the elements. At Walltents.net, we want to educate you in every area regarding these unique tents. You will find the following information useful when it comes time to researching, comparing and buying.

Things to consider

Fabric is what holds it all together, literally. Some fabrics are suitable for wall tents, some arenít. You must have a polymer or other fabric that is waterproof and not too expensive. The most cost-effective way of being sure to have a water-proof tent is to at least have the outside made of a heavy-grade (or just water-proofed) canvas. This will protect you from the elements, reduce in-tent noise, and make sleeping a lot easier.

The price of good wall tents varies significantly. Depending on the size, a powerful, waterproofed tent can be anywhere from $400 to $1000. The idea isnít to indulge yourself; the idea is to cover all of your needs with a little wiggle room for comfort. You do not want a tent that is leaky, nor do you want one that doesnít offer sufficient room for your family members. Ideally, you want a tent that is suitable for your needs and within your budget.

How many people do you have that are going to be in the tent? That will seriously affect the size of the tent you need. Only buy as big of a tent as you need, as excess space is simply a waste of your effort in setting it up, and your money.


What would you use a wall tent for? If youíre a hunter and you need a little base camp, these tents are perfect. You can base your hunting seasons from a tent thatís easy to pack up when you are done and ready to go home. Those who hunt or camp often will find wall tents serve their purpose time and time again.

A tent would even be useful if youíre just going to camp somewhere and you want a spacious living accommodation thatís still basking in the wondrous glow of the great outdoors. A tent like this offers moderate protection from the dangers of the wild but is also a great place to rest, bird-watch, write, or whatever else you like to do in the solitude of the open plain, rugged forest, rocky shore, or wherever you want to set up camp and enjoy your surroundings while still having protection from the elements and a place to sleep.

Shopping online

You can shop online, right now - from the comfort and privacy of your home or office. Perform a simple search, and you will be rewarded with plenty of merchants who offer wall tents. Shopping online makes it easy to compare materials, size, shipping weight and costs, prices and more. Once you find the ideal tent for your needs, purchasing is easy. Your order will be shipped to you promptly, and you never had to leave the house.